Trans Cordillera Real


Total Rate:
Rate is including hotels in budget range: in DWB accommodation
Single accommodation is an additional 25 US dollars per night

DESCRIPTION: This is a magnificent trek in the southern part of the Cordillera Apolobamba, perhaps the best Bolivia has to offer. The area is rarely visited by tourists.

You will have the opportunity to explore uninhabited wilderness, and scenery which is the best of the Andes, with views of Ancohuma, Illimani, the Cordillera Real and Sunchuli. There will be many opportunities to observe Andean wildlife, including llamas, alpacas, condors, viscachas, vicuñas and if you’re really lucky, the spectacled bear.

This enchanting trek through isolated villages, beautiful rolling hills sparkling with streams and the occasional waterfall and goldmines is mostly above 4,000m and crosses a number of high passes. With the highest at 5,100m, this is challenging trekking and an incredible and rewarding trip. The last days of the trip offer the opportunity to bump into a Kallawaya (travelling doctor) from the village of Curva, Inca ruins and a community visit to experience local traditions.

We start this trip after a scheduled rest day in La Paz . This is the day of the El Gran Poder festival, with an all day street parade of mythical and indigenous costume and dance, as always accompanied by municipal bands.

Difficulty: very good fitness required; rated hard due to altitude and steep passes.
Note: if you are starting the trip at this point, the first day’s walk is a solid 1,100 metre climb to almost 4,800m.

Travel Program


Day 1: Arrive in La Paz.
We arrive from Lake Titicaca by bus, or you will join the trip here. We transfer our hotel and the rest of the day is free to explore La Paz. We will get together in the evening for a pre trek briefing and head out for dinner. Hotel

Day 2: La Paz to SORATA
Departing from La Paz in a vehicle we drive across the arid altiplano for about 4 hours, descending gradually to meet up with the Sorata provincial route. We’ll have beautiful views of the cordillera before arriving at the small and enchanting town of Sorata. We’ll check into a hotel close to the plaza. Sorata is situated in a temperate valley near the base of Illampu’s west face (6,380m). At an altitude of 2600m, the climate is warmer than La Paz and the vegetation more lush. We have time in the afternoon to walk around and explore the area. 4 hour drive, 0 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch
ACCOM: Hotel (2600 masl).

Day 3: Sorata – Ancoma; trek to COCOYO
Leaving early by vehicle we travel on a mountain road towards the town of Ancoma. There we meet up with our team of ‘muleros’. We begin the trek at 3898 m.a.s.l with a climb up to the pass of Korahua (4480m), which passes between gorges and Andean cultivated fields. It’s an amazing sight, with a view of the north face of the imposing peak Illampu. Beside us are successions of magnificent snow capped peaks. The path heads down steeply towards Cocoyo and down into the valley to the campsite.
+582, -900; 3 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (B, L, D)
ACCOM: Camping (3600 masl).

Day 4: Trek Cocoyo – CHAJOLPAYA
We leave Cocoyo on a path that takes us towards the Sarani pass (4600m), which provides amazing views of the Chiarhoco Massif. After enjoying lunch, we will be ready to go down towards the mountains of Chiarhoco, outside Chajolpaya where we set up our camp.
+ 1000, -350; 5 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: Camping (4250 masl).

Day 5: Trek Chajolpaya – Negruni
Leaving from las Chajolpaya, we take a path that begins a smooth but constant climb towards the Negruni pass (4980m). There are views of Negruni Chico from the pass and Negruni Grande on the descent. Beside the path runs a freezing stream that falls towards the Negruni valley. We’ll set up our camp in the valley 4330 m.a.s.l.
+ 730, -650; 7 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: camping (4330 masl).

Day 6: Trek Negruni – PALCA/PUTU PUTUNI
This day is less athletic, following the sides of the Chearoco mountains. The whole range of the Cordillera Real can be seen and as we descend we’ll have views of Chiaroco (6104m) and Chachacomani (6000m). The descent is made interesting by the endless torrents that descend from the cordillera, carrying the thawing waters of the high mountains. Passing amazing blue lakes and cultivated land through the town of Palca, we’ll set up our camp up bit higher up, close to Putu Putuni (4118m ).
-212 m; 4/5 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: camping (4330 masl).

Day 7: Trek Putu Putuni – JANCHOLACAYA
The day’s walk takes place in the massif of Chacocamani. In the morning we’ll cross the Huaraco pass (4850m) before we descend towards the town of Jancholacaya.
Our campsite is close to the river.
+ 520, -650; 5 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: camping (4200 masl).

Day 8: Trek Jancholacaya – LAGUNA KOTIA
Here we change to a different slope, crossing the Mullu pass (4750m) on a road which is used very little.
From the highest point we can enjoy a spectacle of various glaciers and mountains, Janquyu (5512) and Mula Apacheta (5368m). In the evening we’ll go down towards a number of lakes, notably Laguna Kotia, where we’ll set up camp.
Our vehicle will bring in fresh food (and can take out anyone who wants or needs to stop at this point).
+ 550, -300; 5 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: camping (4420 masl).

Day 9: Trek Kotia – QUEBRADOR
Today will be an easy day so that we can rest. We’ll continue the walk on a smoother track towards the flanks of the range. Further on, Lake Titicaca can be seen. The path zig zags down to Quebrador, close to Laguna Ajwañi and our campsite. 4698 m.
+278; 3 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: camping (4650 masl).

Day 10: Quebrador – laguna Ajwani – Sistaña – LAGUNA JURIKHOTA
We begin the climb between gorges and lakes until we arrive at the summit (4900m). Here is the most impressive panoramic vista in the Cordillera Real. After the pass, the path is winding and beautiful, with the Laguna Sistaña where we can have lunch and a rest. We take the path to the left and go down to arrive at a blue lagoon, Laguna Jurikhota, beautiful and isolated, surrounded by snow covered mountains. We set up camp here.
+ 250, -200; 5 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: Camping (4700 masl).

Day 11: Jurikhota – Laguna Glaciar – Laguna Chiarckota CONDORIRI
Today we cross the Apacheta Pass. We contour around Jurikhota Lake and ascend to a frozen lake below Condoriri. We then scramble to the valley above and reach the Apacheta Pass (5148 masl.) after 3 to 4 hours. Apacheta means "cairn" and it is a tradition to add a stone to the cairn on the top. The view from the summit is spectacular, the whole of the Condoriri peaks, the cordillera as far back as Illampu, the altiplano and, of course, Lake Titicaca. Camp is just 45 minutes down from the top of the pass beside Lake Chairkhota, the "black lake".
+ 448, -500; 6/ 7 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: Camping (4648 masl).

Day 12: Rest day at Chiarkhota Lake
Not so much a rest day as a fantastic spot to explore this magnificent valley - or relax.
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
ACCOM: Camping (4648 masl).

Day 13: Chiarckota – Chacapampa/Zongo – LA PAZ
Today we cross the two final passes of our trip - both around the 5000 metre mark. It is 1½ - 2 hours from our camp to the first of these, the Paso Aguja Negra (5007m). From here, we descend to the “Piedra Grande,” passing through a remarkable moonscape and then make the half hour climb up to the Paso Zongo Sistena (4928m) and have more excellent views of peaks such as Huayna Potosi. We then descend into the green Livinosa Valley and follow this past Livinosa Lake to the cultivated fields of the village of Ancoma. From there to Chacapampa Village is located in the Zongo Valley at 3550 masl. It’s possible to stay at the Huayna Potosi base camp should anyone want to climb this mountain. Huayna Potosi (6088m) one of the easiest 6000m plus mountains to climb in the world and is one of Bolivia's most popular climbs.
Our vehicle will be waiting to take us to our hotel in La Paz (2 hours).
+ 359, -1457; 6/7 hours trekking
MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, celebration dinner
ACCOM: Hotel in La Paz

What’s included

What's included

Services included in the prices:
  • Hostels in La Paz+ and Sorata.
  • Once on trek, a full service, including food and all equipment (excluding personal equipment) is included in the trek price.
  • Dining Tent; Camp Tables & Chairs; Cooking Tent; Cooking & Eating Utensils; Toilet Tent
  • All food while on trek, including snacks for trekking. (Vegetarian meals are available).
  • Boiled water on all days for your bottles
  • Last night celebration dinner in a La Paz restaurant.
  • Professional guide who speaks English, Spanish and Quechua
  • Assistant Guide (for 9+ PAX); Cook; Assistant Cook (for 7+ PAX)
  • Mule Drivers to take care of the pack animals
  • Pack animals (mules and horses) to carry the baggage and equipment
  • Emergency Horse with saddle
  • First aid equipment and oxygen tank
  • Camping tents for 2 and 4 persons depending on the requirements (single tent for a small supplementary charge); foam mattresses
  • Duffle bag for your trekking clothing, sleeping bag, mattress and other personal equipment
  • Warm water for washing

Not Included:
  • International flights to/from La Paz
  • Travel insurance
  • All food during in-town days with the exception of the Celebration Banquet and some breakfasts
  • Incidental personal expenditures, including emergency evacuations and medical expenditures
  • Sleeping Bag (can be rented)
  • Tips to Staff
  • Hotels & meals in La Paz
  • Alcoholic Drinks, laundry and any other Personal Expenses
  • Personal clothing and equipment

The time of hiking will depend on the group. The guide can change the places for having lunch and camping according to the physical condition of the group.
Each guide has his own way of leading his groups but always his decisions will be for the benefit of the tourists.

• Please limit the weight to be carried in your duffle to 10-11kg.
• 1 backpack of around 30kg capacity to carry the things you need for the trek (camera, drinks, jacket, wet weather gear etc.) and a cover for rain
• 1 large backpack or suitcase to keep the things you don‘t need in your hotel until you return from your trek
• Waterproof liner or two for your duffle bag (an overnight packliner should do it – 60/65 litres – or strong garbage bags)
• Sleeping bag good for -10°C (which can be rented in Cuzco or Huaraz)
• Small flashlight and extra batteries
• Water bottle (1 litre, plastic eg, Nalgene) or a plastic throw away bottle, total capacity for 2 litres
• Hiking boots
• Walking shoes (Crocs are also recommended for around campsites)
• 1 jacket (of nylon or Gortex with hood and water and wind resistant)
• 1 Fleece Jacket (fleece jackets can be rented) can these be rented too?
• 1 Down jacket (down jackets can be rented)
• 1 pair of gloves and hat of wool (they can be bought during your trip)
• 3 or 4 short sleeved shirts (preferably “dryfit” that don’t retain water)
• 2 pairs of walking shorts and long pants (zip off)
• Socks: 4 pairs of wool and 4 of fibre (coolmax) for the trek (avoid cotton as these can retain water)
• 1 sun hat and sunglasses
• Personal medications and toiletries in small containers
• Sunscreen for your skin and lips
• Insect repellent
• Moisturizer lotion to avoid drying out of the skin
• Bathing suit for the hot springs
• Extra camera batteries

• Heated sleeping mat, or you might want to bring your own camping mattress.
• Sleeping bags which can be rented in the office for $5 per day and good for – 10°C.
• Professional walking sticks can be rented in the office for $ 4 per day per pair
• Energy foods: chocolates, granola bars, dried fruits, etc. (they can be purchased in La Paz)

The reservation payments must be made by cash in United States Dollars to our Bank Account in Huaraz – Peru to Maruja Colonia Lazaro. The deposit can also be paid by Moneygram.

* A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation + USD 50/70 for bank transfer fees (not including the fees charged by your bank).
* Within two months of your trip’s start dates this deposit in non- refundable.
* The remaining balance is due on arrival in la Paz. Please pay cash with US dollars as we do not accept credit cards.

* If the trip has to be cancelled 30 days prior to your start date we will refund 40% of the total balance.
* If the trip has to be cancelled 20 days prior to your start date we will refund 30% of the total balance.
* If the trip has to be cancelled 10 days prior to your start date there will be no refund.

If you want to change programs once the reservation is made the fee will be 10% of the total amount.

All guests, including tour leaders and other internationals, are required to carry their trip insurance documents on their person at all times.
Acceptance of Risk Statement:
Hospital facilities for serious problems are often unavailable and evacuation can be prolonged, difficult, and expensive. Colonia adventures E.I.R.L
Company assumes only personal and basic medical care. Trip members will receive appropriate health information prior to departure.

Participants have certain responsibilities to Colonia Adventures E.I.R.L Company and to the other trip members. Each traveller is responsible for understanding the conditions implied in the trip itinerary. You must select a trip (discussed with Colonia Adventures E.I.R.L Company) that is appropriate to your interests and abilities. After this selection is made Colonia Adventures E.I.R.L Company encourages you to study the trip itinerary and supplementary trip information that will be sent to you.


Trans Cordillera Real

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